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  • Vacuum sealer bag
  • Vacuum sealer bag

Vacuum sealer bag


 Food grade, microwave safe, boiling safe, frozen safe, dish washing safety. Add inquiry
  • Certification: SGS, FDA, BPA free
  • Safe for food packaging application.
  • High barrier properties of air and water.
  • Leakage resistant
  • Moisture proof
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Vacuum package keep article fresh.
  • Microwave safe, boiling safe, frozen safe, dishwashing safety.
  • Manufacturer of place: Taiwan.

Vacuum sealer bag: 
 Model No.   Size  Model No.  Size
 P02-0710    70 x 100mm  P02-2025  200 x 250mm
 P02-0812    80 x 120mm  P02-2027  200 x 270mm
 P02-0915    90 x 150mm  P02-2030  200 x 300mm
 P02-1018  100 x 180mm  P02-2232  220 x 320mm
 P02-1121  115 x 215mm  P02-2434  240 x 340mm
 P02-1423  140 x 230mm  P02-2526  250 x 260mm
 P02-1520  150 x 200mm  P02-2532  250 x 320mm
 P02-1525  150 x 250mm  P02-2535  250 x 350mm
 P02-1530  155 x 300mm  P02-2638  260 x 380mm
 P02-1545  155 x 450mm  P02-2737  270 x 370mm
 P02-1724  170 x 240mm  P02-3040  300 x 400mm
 P02-1727  170 x 270mm  P02-3245  320 x 450mm
 P02-1738  170 x 380mm  P02-3555  350 x 550mm
 P02-1829  180 x 290mm    
  • Other bag sizes are available upon request.
  • Custom-printed available
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