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Automatic capping machine


Available for most of bottles and caps, such as flip-up cap, some cap, child resistant cap, tamper resistant cap, spray cap.
Ideal industrial: 
Automatic accessory: slide way oil, lubricating oil, coolant..
Cosmetic: shampoo, bath lotion, skin lotion, perfume…
Beverage & food: juice, soy sauce, vinegar, wine…
Pharmaceutical & healthy food: medicated syrup, anti-cold syrup…
Detergent: laundry, dish… Add inquiry
  • Equipped Mitsubishi PLC, simple operation interface.
  • LCD display: easy to read the capping torque and operating speed.
  • Capping torque is adjustable, which is controlled by servo-motor.
  • Equipped scales and counter: easy to memorize all adjustments, save much labor time of changeover.
  • Design of quick changeover improves production efficiency.
  • Color management: adjustable hand-wheel and assembly.
Auto capping machine: 
 Item No.   BC-025
 Voltage  110V / 220V
 Capping speed  1500 capping / hour
 ( as per different caps and operator working speed)
 Material  #304 Stainless steel, aluminum alloy,
 carbon steel and engineering plastic
Option equipments:
  • Cap sorter
  • Auto feeding / collecting turntable rotary
  • Inkjet printer
  • Induction cap sealing machine
  • Auto rejecting system
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